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Why You Need Custom Packaging Now

Now that may sound a little vague, but let's talk about some of the decisions you will make when you begin searching for custom packaging. These design options may include the use of brand colors, leaving certain product and packaging elements without trademarks, including brand images in stickers, and anything else that the product or packaging provider can customize. There are a number of ways you can start customizing the packaging of your products. You can insert your logo in unexpected places or insert it in other ways, such as on the back of a box, on a label, inside the packaging itself, etc.

How you use your brand's visual identity on your product packaging affects the way people see your brands. While adding or sticking a brand logo, symbol, color, or font on the packaging of an otherwise plain product is a great way to create brand awareness, more could be done for your branding.

By directly integrating your brand into the design of your product packaging, you can offer your customers more consistent brand experience. To take the next step towards brand affinity, we need to integrate our brands a bit more into customer-specific products and packaging. When it's time to order the next product or package, you should create the right brand identity to gain customer loyalty, not only in terms of brand awareness but also in terms of the overall experience.4

These are just some of the tangible aspects of product packaging that you need to consider before you finish your design and place your order.  0

Even the most beautiful package can leave a bad impression on the customer if it arrives damaged. You will definitely want to include some elements to protect your product, whether it is branded packaging or product that is packaged in branded packaging.

You want to think differently about packaging if your product is to be sold online, shipped or set apart from the competition on a large shelf in a carton. The items you sell online probably shouldn't rattle the product or bend in the packaging. 1

What is in the boutique stand must attract the attention of the buyer, who is surrounded by cute things in a sweet packaging.

This will help you make the other many decisions you need to make while you are making them, such as the selling price, the size of the product, and the price of the packaging.

Before you start customizing the packaging of your product, consider what message your design choice could send and whether that message matches your brand. To fully integrate your experience, you need to incorporate a brand directly into the product packaging design. Now that we have covered the basics of adding brands to existing packaging and customizing the packaging of your products, we are going a step further.4

To fully integrate your brand, you need to change the packaging from the physical level to the materials you use and the ways you reuse them. Making custom packaging for your product means you do not use a large box that needs to be reused for other purposes such as storage, packaging or shipping.5

This ensures that you do not pay for excess packaging, which saves your business a significant amount of money over time and saves you and the company significant time.

Individual boxes save your business money on shipping costs and are even more advantageous if your product is shipped by van. Tailor-made boxes are so popular that large shipping companies now demand volume in addition to weighting. To maximise your cost-effectiveness, you should now buy custom packaging, as it is likely to be cheaper than using plain packaging with all that comes with it.

This is especially true if the items you sell do not fit particularly well in a standard box. This is all the more important when your business is completely online, as your packaging is the largest interaction with you that most customers have.

The development of customized shipping boxes allows brands to expand their reach across the country and the world in ways that have never been possible before. Brands use bespoke shipping boxes to show the world that e-commerce channels don't have to be faceless.2

Companies like Blue Apron are delivering new products to new markets in innovative ways. Apple has carefully considered strategically how to package its products to align its branding with its mission to provide the best possible experience for its customers, customers, and consumers.


We know the robots are coming for retail and custom packaging, instead of fighting it we thought we'd embrace it. To stay ahead of market trends International Direct Packaging is constantly testing, researching, and sharing our discoveries with our clients. This article was completely written by artificial intelligence (AI-Writer) as we continue to discover ways that AI can support our clients in packaging design and manufacturing, we will continue to share our results with our select clients. Please contact the showroom nearest you to learn how you join our select group of clients.


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How to Choose the Right Packaging Manufacturer

Brands are experiencing budget cuts and need their packaging to do more for less, but they also need their partners to supplement their in-house teams.

The unfortunate reality today is that brands and agencies are downsizing design and marketing staff. At the same time, they are ramping up marketing efforts and trying to save money on packaging. So how do you choose the right packaging manufacturer to get you through the rest of the year?

Now more than ever brands need the right packaging partner.

Hiring someone to develop structural packaging, someone else to manage file production, and then finding a packaging supplier to source packaging manufacturers to produce your packaging no longer makes sense. If the goal is cost reduction, streamlined processes, and managing fewer links in your supply chain it's time to consider something new.

Here are three examples to reconsider your packaging partnerships.

Example #1, Structural Packaging Design
Your brand is launching a new product and needs a custom packaging designed. You want someone that is experienced in structural design, understands manufacturing and is familiar with your industry.

With many skilled industrial designers and product designers out there, getting new structural packaging isn't a challenge these days. How that design will translate to packaging manufacturing and affect your COGs is anyone's guess.

Find the right partner by using a partner that knows structural design that can be produced and understands material, production, and transportation costs,

Example #2, Creative File Production
Maybe your brand has current packaging designs that need to be applied to new structures and sizes. You can Youtube how to use photoshop videos all night long, but you're going to want someone that can work closely with the factory manufacturing your packaging.

To create dielines and prepare artwork for new constructions or new sizes a good production house will need to know many things. They'll need to understand substrates as each material will impact color and light refraction. A production person will need to understand the different types of processes involved and the tolerances required to deliver a successful file to manufacturing. You also want someone that will share their decision-making with your team so you can learn for future projects.

Packaging is an endless education, there is always more to learn.

The right partner for file production can communicate with the factory in their language. They also need to have hands-on knowledge of manufacturing processes beyond what google says.

Example #3, Finding the Right Packaging Supplier
Imagine you need to order packaging for the upcoming season or a new product launch that's within budget. You email packaging suppliers and issue an RFP and state your packaging budget. You're ultimately looking for quality packaging at a discounted rate.

Now is when the work begins, packaging suppliers and resellers begin sourcing factories globally to find the cheapest manufacturer. Suppliers have to make a profit too. You'll see examples of materials and production processes that are similar to what you designed. Changing your request is a way to reduce costs to increase profits and keep you within your price point.

Your other option is to eliminate the middleman and order your packaging factory-direct. This new option allows you to invest more in the actual finished goods while communicating directly with the factory from the start.

At International Direct Packaging, we support our clientele with everything from packaging concept development and sampling, custom materials and manufacturing, to warehousing and distribution.

Packaging design and innovation are at the core of our company. Our patented package designs were created to speed assembly, eliminate magnets, and elevate sustainable design. Beyond our patented designs already produce many of the standard constructions you are used to and can show you how to adjust them further to make them your own.

Structural packaging design for product, retail, and e-commerce packaging is developed to fit your brand, engage consumers, and be manufacturable 100% of the time. By partnering with your in-house design and purchasing teams we're able to bridge the gap between art and finance.

By having factories in China and Indonesia we're able to support brands globally while potentially saving you China/US import tariffs.

Picture the challenges brands encounter by having too many links in their supply chain. It's not easy to recover from the time wasted creating packaging structures that can't be manufactured.

This is why it's essential to understand that the right packaging manufacturer will make your life easier. Go Factory-Direct.

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Top 5 Benefits of Factory Direct Packaging

There are many benefits to buying factory direct packaging regardless of the size of your company, industry, or packaging budget. Many brands currently buy from resellers or middlemen that are buying the cheapest packaging to mark-up the costs to resell to brands. Reselling packaging to brands provides brands little to no control of their supply-chain, laborforce, and management of quality.

With the ongoing pandemic, brands need to find the safest ways to reduce packaging costs and deliver an elevated user-experience. The brands we work with have discovered the benefits of buying factory direct packaging and we want to share the top 5 benefits of factory direct packaging with you.

At a minimum, this list will arm you with the right questions to ask your current packaging supplier to better understand why factory direct packaging is the next biggest trend in packaging design and manufacturing.


Packaging Factory Ownership

Working directly with IDP, the team that owns the factory is a huge benefit to your brand by being able to have real-time conversations about pricing, timelines, and materials without waiting for the reseller to play telephone with the factory they're using for your packaging. Owning factories in China and Indonesia allows International Direct Packaging to move production from one factory to the other easily improving risk management, reducing US/China tariffs, and provide real-time oversight on your packaging production.


Supply-chain Transparency

Factory direct means knowing what's happening upstream in your supply chain and having the information to communicate downstream. Supply chain transparency is important not only for peace of mind but it also impacts business operations. You can avoid costly disruptions by having all of the original data to avoid being turned away at ports, borders, or being fined.

Resellers can spin a marketing story about their suppliers, but at the end of the day, resellers do not own the factories and use this hidden information as to their competitive advantage over you. Buying packaging factory direct requires no reason to hide who the factory is.

Factory direct packaging should be your competitive advantage.


Real-time Data

Buying factory direct packaging gives you a voice on the factory floor. For example, if a product is outselling another online you're able to communicate with your team at International Direct Packaging to know the production schedule for your order, and in some cases are able to reorder the schedule to move a certain product ahead of your others.

Resellers, middlemen, or kitting companies don't have that flexibility as they are a client of the factories they use. Resellers are one of the many clients of a factory, and you are one of the many clients of a reseller. Go to the front of the line with factory direct packaging.


100% Quality Control of Packaging

Together with our clients, International Direct Packaging has learned that the best way to reduce quality issues is to check each item we produce in a documented fashion at every stage of manufacturing. Our 100% QC process requires our team to inspect each item at various stages of production and sign and document each case and carton as it is collected for transport.

100% QC provides peace of mind knowing that the quality you approved is in fact the quality delivered to your end consumer.


Customer Service

At the end of the day, we buy from people we like and people that understand the hurdles we all experience in our own businesses every day. Buying factory direct packaging puts you in contact with production for faster answers, quicker samples, and immediate accountability.


International Direct Packaging is committed to be known as the packaging manufacturer of choice for brands like yours by selling directly to you. International Direct Packaging will not and does not sell packaging to resellers or middlemen to have their packaging marked up and resold to you. We want a direct relationship with our clients in order to bring them the best customer service possible and provide them with a true win-win partnership.

Purchasing packaging design and manufacturing factory direct is the most efficient way to streamline your packaging purchasing process and connect you to the future of packaging. Stop paying reseller margins and go factory direct.

Visit now to learn how you can buy factory direct packaging today.

Not interested in factory direct packaging and prefer to buy from a reseller, learn more here.