Let’s understand what is factory direct packaging and what are the benefits of working directly with the factory that makes your packaging.

There are many benefits to buying factory direct packaging regardless of the size of your company, industry, or packaging budget. Many brands currently buy from resellers or middlemen that are buying the cheapest packaging to mark-up the costs to resell to brands. Reselling packaging to brands provides brands little to no control of their supply-chain, laborforce, and management of quality.

With the ongoing pandemic, brands need to find the safest ways to reduce packaging costs and deliver an elevated user-experience. The brands we work with have discovered the benefits of buying factory direct packaging and we want to share the top 5 benefits of factory direct packaging with you.

At a minimum, this list will arm you with the right questions to ask your current packaging supplier to better understand why factory direct packaging is the next biggest trend in packaging design and manufacturing.


Packaging Factory Ownership

Working directly with IDP, the team that owns the factory is a huge benefit to your brand by being able to have real-time conversations about pricing, timelines, and materials without waiting for the reseller to play telephone with the factory they’re using for your packaging. Owning factories in China and Indonesia allows International Direct Packaging to move production from one factory to the other easily improving risk management, reducing US/China tariffs, and provide real-time oversight on your packaging production.


Supply-chain Transparency

Factory direct means knowing what’s happening upstream in your supply chain and having the information to communicate downstream. Supply chain transparency is important not only for peace of mind but it also impacts business operations. You can avoid costly disruptions by having all of the original data to avoid being turned away at ports, borders, or being fined.

Resellers can spin a marketing story about their suppliers, but at the end of the day, resellers do not own the factories and use this hidden information as to their competitive advantage over you. Buying packaging factory direct requires no reason to hide who the factory is.

Factory direct packaging should be your competitive advantage.


Real-time Data

Buying factory direct packaging gives you a voice on the factory floor. For example, if a product is outselling another online you’re able to communicate with your team at International Direct Packaging to know the production schedule for your order, and in some cases are able to reorder the schedule to move a certain product ahead of your others.

Resellers, middlemen, or kitting companies don’t have that flexibility as they are a client of the factories they use. Resellers are one of the many clients of a factory, and you are one of the many clients of a reseller. Go to the front of the line with factory direct packaging.


100% Quality Control of Packaging

Together with our clients, International Direct Packaging has learned that the best way to reduce quality issues is to check each item we produce in a documented fashion at every stage of manufacturing. Our 100% QC process requires our team to inspect each item at various stages of production and sign and document each case and carton as it is collected for transport.

100% QC provides peace of mind knowing that the quality you approved is in fact the quality delivered to your end consumer.


Customer Service

At the end of the day, we buy from people we like and people that understand the hurdles we all experience in our own businesses every day. Buying factory direct packaging puts you in contact with production for faster answers, quicker samples, and immediate accountability.


International Direct Packaging is committed to be known as the packaging manufacturer of choice for brands like yours by selling directly to you. International Direct Packaging will not and does not sell packaging to resellers or middlemen to have their packaging marked up and resold to you. We want a direct relationship with our clients in order to bring them the best customer service possible and provide them with a true win-win partnership.

Purchasing packaging design and manufacturing factory direct is the most efficient way to streamline your packaging purchasing process and connect you to the future of packaging. Stop paying reseller margins and go factory direct.

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