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Are you eager to embark on a journey towards environmentally-conscious packaging design but unsure where to begin? Look no further! This collection of FREE guidebooks offers invaluable insights and inspiration to help you start designing sustainable packaging today.

From demystifying print production terminology to exploring the latest eco-friendly materials, these guides are crafted to empower both seasoned professionals and curious newcomers alike.

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Sustainability Can Be Complicated If You Don’t Know Where To Start. This Is Step One.
IDP Direct Sustainable Packaging Guidebook Free Downloadable Sustainable Resources

Sustainable Packaging

The original Sustainable Packaging Guide answers “how to design sustainable packaging” by offering comprehensive insights and strategies to craft environmentally responsible retail packaging, empowering you to create aesthetically pleasing designs while reducing your carbon footprint.

Join the movement towards sustainable luxury packaging by downloading the guide today and redefining the unboxing experience with elegance and environmental consciousness.

Recycling Icons

Unable to find a safe source for vector recycling icons and Triman logos? The team at IDP Direct developed a comprehensive document offering not only the icons but also explanations for their usage.

Downloading the Recycling Icons book grants access to an Illustrator native file, allowing customization of icons for seamless integration into your print projects.

IDP Direct Recycling Icons Guidebook Free Downloadable Sustainable Resources
IDP Direct Print Production Guidebook Free Downloadable Sustainable Resources

Printing Terminology

The Printing Terminology guidebook offers invaluable insights into print production, equipping both seasoned professionals and newcomers with the terminology essential for mastering packaging design.

Bridge the gap between creativity and production realities, accelerate your career, and gain a competitive edge with this comprehensive resource, elevating your understanding of luxury packaging design and manufacturing.

Eco Materials

The Sustainable Packaging Materials Guide provides inspiration and resources for designing eco-friendly packaging across various industries, allowing you to champion sustainability without sacrificing elegance or functionality.

Before delving into packaging design, consider the necessity of packaging itself, as the most sustainable option may be to forgo packaging altogether.

IDP Direct Sustainable Materials Guidebook Free Downloadable Sustainable Packaging Resources
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