So, You Already Have A Logistics Provider & Are Not Ready To Change

Packaging Manufacturers With Global Logistics

We understand the idea of switching to a new global logistics provider can be a daunting task. As packaging manufacturers, we’ve overcome all of the objections:

Switching costs are high.
Our factory-direct model usually offsets any initial transition costs within the first two quarters. 

Changing systems is a headache.
Our onboarding is designed for seamless integration. We offer 1-to-1 training for you and your entire team. 

How do I know you’re reliable?
See examples of brands we’ve served with a 99.8% on-time delivery rate, here. Plus, safety stock and insurance options to set your mind at ease.

How sustainable are you really?
We’re packaging manufacturers & authorities in sustainability. Reducing our own carbon footprint is a KPI measured monthly, learn more here.

Packaging Manufacturers Near Me with Global Logistics

The Future Of Packaging Manufacturers Is Transparency

Transforming How Packaging Moves

With our factory-direct approach, we remove the layers of impersonal middlemen and bottlenecks.

Gain transparency and oversight from manufacturing to global distribution and last mile delivery. 

Our online packaging portal offers a more direct & customizable solution enhancing supply chain efficiency and accountability. 

Logistics & Distribution

Seamless imports & exports across 85 countries, utilizing global warehousing solutions, & handling last-mile delivery transactions in local currencies.

Streamlined Supply Chain

Streamline inventory flow with our strategically located distribution centers ensuring you meet delivery deadlines without supply chain disruptions.

Inventory-Driven Portal

Increase your team’s decision-making speed with real-time data, global accessibility, instant inventory visibility, and tailored usage reports.

Factory-direct Advantage

Owning our packaging factories grants us an unbroken line of sight from production to distribution, allowing us to pivot at the ever-changing speed of retail.


Global Presence

As the leading retail packaging manufacturer, IDP Direct is globally positioned to collaborate with established retail brands in your native tongue and currency.

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