Sustainable Packaging Is Our Promise; Solar Energy Is Our Path

Sustainable Packaging Begins with owning your Factories. Here’s why:

Owning our factories gives us unparalleled control, ensuring that every step of the packaging manufacturing process aligns with rigorous sustainability standards. Ownership provides speed to market benefits like our knitted paper handles.

Compared to distributors who rely on hundreds of external suppliers who may or may not adhere to any standards, we master every detail, from raw materials to power usage.

IDP Direct’s latest factory in Anhui Province built to replace our older Suzhou site, is a testament to our commitment to sustainability. Built from the ground up, it champions solar power and boasts cutting-edge automation, poised for technological expansion.

Our goal was for IDP Direct China to be 100% solar powered by 2025, we’re already soaring at 89%. IDP Direct’s other locations aren’t far behind, Romania targeting 2026 and Indonesia by 2027 (due to geographic regulations).

Ask yourself: could you trust anyone less committed to genuine sustainability?

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Sustainability Promise

Certifications only scratch the surface.

At IDP Direct, it’s not just about labels; it’s about integrity. While others brandish certifications, we ensure our factories meet and exceed the highest standards, bringing unparalleled transparency to the forefront.

Our Sustainability Promise revolves around tangible actions. We focus relentlessly on reducing packaging waste, standing firm on human rights, and safeguarding our planet’s precious resources.

In the world of sustainable packaging, our commitment goes beyond mere words.

Solar-Powered Automation

Fusing the transformative technologies of solar energy & automation, we become a more sustainable packaging manufacturer. Incorporating solar-powered automation not only addresses environmental concerns but also the economic and reliability aspects, making it a comprehensive sustainable packaging solution, including knitted paper handle production.

CO2 Footprint Reduction:

Solar energy bypasses CO2 emissions linked to fossil-fuel-powered electricity, saving roughly 0.9 to 1 ton of CO2 per MWh.

Operational Efficiency

Automated systems, optimized for solar, strategically align energy-intensive tasks with peak solar generation.

Waste Minimization

Solar-powered automation ensures environmentally-friendly operations while minimizing errors and waste.

Grid Independence

Solar automation functions grid-free, offering enhanced reliability against power disruptions.

Knitted paper handles

Knitted paper handles produced in-house adhere to IDP Direct’s sustainability standards & certifications.

While many tout sustainability, IDP Direct actualizes it, producing handles in-house, minimizing emissions, and utilizing renewable energy. For discerning brands, our handles are not just an alternative, but a statement.

Recycled Excellence

Knitted paper handles, made of recycled paper, champion tangible steps in sustainable packaging, prioritizing end of life waste streams.

Production Efficiency

Championing plastic-free packaging, our resource-efficient methods redefine packaging production, and emphasize renewable resources.

Unified Certification

Our knitted paper handles are recognized for adhering to IDP Direct’s core sustainability, quality, and stringent certification standards.

Resource Reduction

Produced in-house, our paper handles combine solar-powered production and reduced transit for certified sustainable bags, boxes, and ecomm packaging.

design for absence sustainable packaging manufacturing process

Design For Absence™

While our primary business revolves around packaging, our revolutionary “Design For Absence” (DFA™) initiative aims to curtail unnecessary packaging. We believe in delivering value to our clients not just by providing quality packaging, but also by pinpointing areas of reduction and efficiency.

Because, genuinely, what packaging manufacturer advises you to buy less of their product unless they’re genuinely committed to the bigger picture?

Efficiency Audits

We conduct comprehensive size and user experience evaluations, identifying areas of redundancy or opportunities for more streamlined packaging solutions.

Holistic Examination

Our audits scrutinize materials, product combinations, sizes, and even manufacturing methods to establish the most sustainable packaging strategies.


Every DFA recommendation ensures that the end-user remains engaged, maintaining the brand’s integrity and elevating the unboxing experience.

Sustainability Leaders

As pioneers in the sustainable packaging realm, our commitment to reduced packaging proves our dedication to a more eco-conscious future.

Social Environmental Stewards

At IDP Direct, we root our global sustainability commitment in local actions. We’re setting the gold standard for change, directly aligning with luxury brands’ ESG visions. Proudly led by a predominantly female management, our culture thrives on organic inclusivity, eschewing imposed quotas. 

While our team embodies rich diversity, we continually strive for even greater inclusivity and impact.

Ocean Advocacy

Through beach clean-ups in Indonesia, we’re at the forefront of battling ocean plastic, ensuring cleaner marine habitats.

Biodiversity Support

Our gardens not only beautify our surroundings but also support local wildlife, from vibrant birds to the unexpected cobras.

Empowered Workforce

By creating opportunities for senior workers, we champion inclusivity, diversifying our workforce and promoting age-related equality.

Economic Mobility

Offering interest-free loans for vehicle purchases, empowers our employees to choose their living spaces, inadvertently boosting economies of smaller cities.

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