Packaging Design / Five Reasons You Need It in 2020

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September 8th, 2020

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Brands today are experiencing major growth in their online business as more and more people get comfortable with eCommerce. Aside from making an online purchase via your website, the only real physical engagement consumers will have with your brand is packaging design. The need for packaging design that tells your story, sets the stage, and delivers what digital interactions are incapable of, isn’t decreasing. Innovative packaging design is in high demand and it’s expected to continue to grow through the rest of the 2020s.

This article outlines five reasons why you need packaging design now that can evolve to carry your brand over the next decade.

1. There’s a bee-line for online

Consumers zooming for an online school, working from home, and digital happy hours are in search of a physical connection. We all are. Packaging design delivers that and more.

Ecommerce packaging design not only protects the product but when used appropriately can elicit emotion.

2. Location. Location. Location.

With fewer mall visits consumers have fewer physical interactions with brands they love. We see our favorite brands as retargeted ads on Facebook, Youtube, or in our personal Google search results, but it’s not the same as walking past your favorite store and talking to the staff to see what’s new in your size.

Packaging design delivers an experience in the consumer’s home. Packaging may be the one opportunity a consumer has to connect and share something special that day or that week. With packaging design done right, your brand may be responsible for delivering a memorable moment at the right time, in the right location. In the hands of your consumer.

3. Make an Introduction

Understanding the timing of packaging design cues also allows the brand to control the pace of the unboxing.

Packaging design is like an introduction, with 3 to 4 parts depending on the complexity of the consumer’s journey.

The Opening (not the literal opening of your box): This is where the consumer receives your packaging. You’ve captured their attention.

Self-presentation: How you look is as important as what you say. If the outer box arrives damaged that becomes a component of the memory your brand is imprinting on that consumer.

Statement: Now that you’ve gotten their attention and your appearance is up to snuff, you can say something. This can be welcoming messaging printed on the tape, under the flap of an envelope, or on the interior of your shipping box. Take the time to engage with the consumer before they have removed your product.

It can even be educational, teach them how to dispose of your packaging once they’ve enjoyed your sustainable packaging.

The Pay-off: Designing a frictionless product removal is critical to packaging design and engineering. Making sure that your distribution center understands how important the job they do in the warehouse to the bigger picture, is how you manage every step of your brand.

The Send-off: Once the contents have been removed and the consumer is ready to enjoy their purchase you can elevate the experience by saying “thank you” and “good-bye”.

Every introduction ends with a good-bye, packaging design is no different. In polite society, we never leave without saying good-bye. Packaging design is no different.

4. Efficient Packaging Design

A well-designed suite of packaging works together to systematically reduce redundancies, and at the same time reduce costs. Packaging designers aren’t only concerned with how your packaging looks or what materials it’s made out of. Packaging design begins with the product, inventory, and the logistics of your business.

Yes, packaging can be pretty. But if it doesn’t work for your business, expenses get real ugly.

5. Flexibility

Our factories manufacture millions of bags and boxes annually for luxury brands all over the world, and one thing we’ve learned is they all demand flexibility. Packaging designed to deliver flexibility means that with just a few modifications packaging can be converted to seasonal or limited edition packaging without impacting timelines. In some cases, this flexibility in packaging is designed so that it doesn’t impact COGs as well.

As more brands move more products online, packaging will continue to be critical to your brand. Having a partner that understands design as well as how to manufacture complex packaging will be the growth opportunity you didn’t know you needed.

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any questions about elevating your eCommerce packaging, please contact us.

We’ll talk soon.

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