Packaging Dielines That Reduce Waste & How to Use Them

Packaging Engineer

March 15th, 2022

3 Minutes

Did you know the right packaging dielines can help you reduce waste?

Before you reduce your packaging waste, you need to set a baseline. What is your current amount of waste generated per pack? Also define what happens to that packaging waste.

By owning our factories we are able to establish baselines on each machine, each process, and even standard waste from pack outs. Our packaging dielines and  templates are created to maximize each sheet of paper, here’s our approach.

What is a dieline?

Dielines are templates that show where folds, scores, perforations, and cutting takes place for each package being manufactured. There are many ways to create dielines as seen here, but always get the manufacturer to confirm all dies before getting too far ahead.

They are used to create the tools that will be cutting sheets of paper or board into packaging.

How do you reduce waste?

Manufacturing waste is reduced by using the smallest sheet for each bag or box size as will operate on our equipment as well as deliver the volume at speed. Here’s how we reduce waste:

  1. Depending on the bag size, they may be made out of two pieces.
    • this allows us to produce both halves prescored on sheets with minimal gripper.
  2. Bottom of each bag has 2cm of overlap vs the standard full bottom
    • this reduces 1040 cubic cm of paper needed per assembled bag
  3. Our bags are sized according to the size of your products and box program reducing waste

How to use an IDP dieline?

Download your own editable PDF file of this dieline template below.
Open your dieline in Acrobat to review, Illustrator or InDesign to place artwork to be printed in the “Artwork” layer.

Make sure to create additional layers for each extra production process your packaging needs.
Create new layers for Spot UV, foilstamp, emboss/deboss, or any process beyond 1-4 color offset printing.

Benefits of an IDP dieline

After years of owning our factories we have fine tuned our dieline templates to reduce the amount of waste produced. We’ve made small adjustments, but they add up to make big impacts.

Unlike IDP, packaging resellers or distributors source factories around the globe to generate margins with the cheapest production.

This makes it impossible for suppliers to know each machine, each process, and discover waste reducing efficiencies for your brand.

So download this template, place your art, and let us show you a better way.

The factory-direct way.


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