Replace Your Poly Mailers With This

Environmental Project Coordinator

February 9th, 2021

3 Minutes

What are the alternatives to cheap non-recyclable poly mailers? Large corrugate boxes? Reusable shipping envelopes that incur shipping fees in multiple directions? Replace those unsustainable poly mailers with earth-friendly corrugated mailers.

Corrugated mailers use 100% PCW, customized to fit your brand, are 100% recyclable, and can be home compostable. Win-win for sustainable packaging!

The Poly Mailer Problem

plastic mailer poly mailer vs 100% recycled corrugated mailer

43% of consumers today are concerned with the total environmental impact of packaging they receive. As more and more consumers become aware that poly mailers aren’t recyclable, they are foregoing online orders from brands who choose plastic over paper packaging.

Flexible films or plastics marked #3, #4, #5, #6, #7 are not recycled curbside as they can damage equipment, cause fires, and are a danger to recycling facility staff.  Even with a recycling symbol printed on it, poly mailers get separated at most recycling facilities for incineration or buried in the landfill.

The Paper Solution

corrugated mailer sustainable e-commerce packaging

Corrugated mono-material eCommerce mailers are engineered to your product specifications and fulfillment process to ensure maximum efficiency in getting your brand into consumers’ hands. IDP’s in-house production of corrugated boards means you don’t have to deal with shortages and the unavailable stock currently being experienced worldwide. We’re also known for customizing the brand experience by lining the interior of our eCommerce packaging with embossed papers, custom coatings, foil stamps, and offset prints to match your retail packaging.

Using only substrates with high secondary market demand, we increase the recycling rate, making sure our mailers are more widely accepted.

Corrugated mailers are an inexpensive way to deliver a sustainable branded experience.

So, how do you get started? First, IDP provides a packaging size audit to identify the appropriate pack sizes you’ll need before we begin replacing poly mailers. Second, working with your internal logistics & fulfillment team, we discover the fulfillment process we’ll need to design poly mailer replacements for. During this process, consumers are contacted to gather their first-hand experiences with cheap poly mailers to design an optimal consumer experience.

Once we’ve gathered this and more information from your team, consumers, and material specialists, we begin concept development before contacting recycling centers in your largest distribution regions. It’s important to include the companies tasked with recycling your packaging because it won’t get recycled if they don’t want it.

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