Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen

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In a symphony of haute craftsmanship, the limited edition Alexander McQueen retail packaging emerges as a seasonal tour de force. Bathed in a sun-kissed gradient, its facade is illuminated by meticulously embossed silver motifs, evoking the brand’s signature allure.

Delicately tucked within, the linen handles—subtle yet profound—encapsulate the commitment to sustainability, making this not just a package, but a statement of conscious luxury.


IDP Direct’s global team facilitated the transition from design to manufacturing, handling file production, material selection, and production of custom boxes & bags across France, Ireland, USA, and Indonesia.

Custom Boxes for Luxury Packaging Design Alexander McQueen

Global distribution of these products to Alexander McQueen stores around the world, maintaining consistency in every delivery up to the last mile.

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IDP Direct’s ability to manufacture bags, boxes, and fabric packaging all under the same roof is your opportunity to flex your team’s creative talents and execute faster than ever before.

Custom boxes and fabric garment bags for luxury packaging Alexander McKuen packaging


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