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Prada packaging is where high fashion meets high responsibility. Custom-woven paper handles from IDP Direct amplify the allure, as FSC and 40% PCW papers construct the foundation for sustainable packaging.

Prada has always been synonymous with iconic luxury, but now Prada packaging sets the new standard for sustainable elegance. Prada’s retail packaging elevates consumer experience with custom papers, embossed textures, and foil-stamped logos.

Prada Packaging Plasticfree Sustainable Packaging

The pièce de résistance? Custom-woven paper handles, crafted exclusively at IDP Direct, infuse an unprecedented touch of sophistication.

While our collapsible retail boxes featuring metal accent snap buttons are designed to ship flat, reducing the brand’s carbon impact, this innovation challenges us to further rethink everything else we’re doing to support the fashion industry.

Prada Packaging Plasticfree Sustainable Packaging

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