Embracing the Future: Sustainable Materials Take Center Stage

Sustainable Project Analyst

April 24th, 2024

5 Minutes

By harnessing the latest in material science, ReMix combines cutting-edge elements like seaweed paper, seaweed plastics, recycled fashion fabrics, and denim pulp. This fusion of innovative materials with mass production processes creates scalable circular packaging solutions that redefine the industry.

Beyond Sustainability: A Vision for Tomorrow

By embracing cutting-edge technologies and practices, ReMix enables companies to minimize Scope 3 emissions and move beyond simple plastic bag bans. It offers a glimpse into the future of sustainable packaging, where innovation meets responsibility.

Here’s how IDP Direct is embracing the future of sustainable materials and paving the way for a greener, more environmentally-conscious tomorrow.

notpla zero waste seaweed paper alternative sustainable material


Notpla pioneers sustainable packaging solutions, notably their zero waste seaweed paper, derived from seaweed to reduce environmental impact. IDP Direct is actively implementing Notpla‘s innovative material in their packaging solutions, aligning with their commitment to sustainability and reducing waste in the fashion industry.

Keel Labs

Keel Labs is at the forefront of sustainable textile innovation with their seaweed Kelsun fiber. This groundbreaking material, derived from seaweed, offers a renewable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional textiles, embodying IDP Direct’s commitment to pioneering sustainable solutions for the fashion industry.

Circulose tshirt sustainable material garment eco friendly textile


A revolutionary material in sustainable fashion, offering a closed-loop solution by reimagining discarded cotton textiles. It exemplifies a transformative approach to textile production, promoting circularity and sustainability within the fashion industry. IDP Direct actively incorporates Circulose into their manufacturing processes, showcasing their commitment to sustainability and reducing textile waste.

oncemore sustainale textile reduction eco friendly forest pulp


OnceMore ushers in a revolutionary advancement in sustainable textiles, pioneering the first large-scale process for recycling blended fabrics and fostering circularity in MMCF products. Through a unique integration of post-consumer textile waste with responsibly sourced forest wood, IDP Direct is actively implementing OnceMore® to champion sustainability in their manufacturing processes.

oncemore sodra sustainale textile process


Leading the industry in sustainable pulp solutions, particularly in eco-friendly packaging materials. By utilizing responsibly managed forests, they offer innovative solutions that promote sustainability in packaging. IDP Direct actively implements Södra‘s sustainable pulp solutions in their packaging processes, demonstrating a commitment to reducing environmental impact and fostering a greener approach to packaging production.

oncemore sustainale textile sodra eco friendly pulp into fashion

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