Jimmy Choo Packaging – Behind The Scenes Of Our Blooming Partnership

Rania Elqadah, Packaging Designer

December 20th, 2023

3 Minutes

At IDP Direct, we had the privilege of crafting exquisite ribbons, elegant note cards, and metallic gold paper flower toppers inspired by orchids, for this holiday’s Jimmy Choo packaging 2023. What makes the flower embellishments truly special is the intricate process behind their creation, emphasizing our commitment to sustainability and quality in packaging solutions.

IDP 2023 Highlights_Jimmy Choo factory-direct packaging

From Mockups to Production Dielines

The journey began with the creation of detailed paper mockups, allowing us to visualize the intricate design elements and ensure they harmonized with the vision for Jimmy Choo packaging. Once the design was perfected, our skilled team translated it into production dielines, the blueprint for bringing these ornate paper flowers to life.

Innovative Crafting Techniques

These flowers were meticulously crafted with a unique bending technique. To ensure that each one maintains its pristine appearance, each topper bends without creasing, mirroring the resilience and beauty of real orchids.

IDP 2023 Highlights_Jimmy Choo_2 factory-direct packaging

Secure & Safe Delivery of Jimmy Choo Packaging

We understand the importance of ensuring that our creations reach their destination in perfect condition. Each flower topper is carefully packaged in their own mini box, guaranteeing that the final product arrives at its destination as stunning as when it left our facility.

Merging Sustainability with Sophistication

Our commitment to sustainability is woven into every aspect of this packaging program. From eco-friendly materials to innovative crafting techniques, we’ve strived to create a packaging solution that not only exudes luxury but also reflects our dedication to environmental responsibility.

As we conclude this year of innovative partnerships, the collaboration on this beautiful Jimmy Choo packaging program stands as a testament to the magic that unfolds when sustainability and glamour intertwine. We look forward to more creative ventures in the coming year, where we continue to push the boundaries of eco-conscious design and deliver solutions that captivate both aesthetically and ethically.

Thank you for being a part of our journey towards a sustainable and stylish future!

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