Top 20 Coolest Advent Calendars of 2023

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November 28th, 2023

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Are you ready to embark on a festive countdown like never before as we unveil the top 20 coolest advent calendars of 2023?! In a world where anticipation meets innovation, this year’s selection goes beyond the traditional chocolates and embraces a delightful array of surprises. From beauty-inspired calendars that bring a daily dose of youthful joy to gourmet experiences that tantalize taste buds, our curated list explores the most imaginative and sought-after advent calendars that promise to add an extra dash of excitement to the holiday season. Whether you’re a trendsetter, a foodie, or a beauty enthusiast, there’s a calendar to suit every taste and interest. Join us on a journey through the most creative and coveted advent calendars, making this holiday season a daily celebration of joy and discovery.

20) Sisley-Paris

The Sisley-Paris advent calendar takes an unconventional and chic approach with a college-inspired design, showcasing sophisticated packaging that seamlessly marries luxury with a touch of youthful charm, creating a unique and stylish countdown to the festive season.

Top 20 Coolest Advent Calendars 2023_Sisley-Paris Collage

19) Revolve

The Revolve advent calendar arrives in a sleek and unique packaging design, shaped like a sophisticated briefcase complete with a handle, seamlessly blending fashion and function to elevate the holiday unboxing experience with a touch of contemporary style.

Top 20 Coolest Advent Calendars 2023_Revolve6

18) Bluemercury

The Bluemercury advent calendar features a distinctive packaging departure from tradition, as it comes adorned with pouches instead of the usual compartments, adding a modern and stylish twist to the anticipation of each daily beauty surprise throughout the holiday season.

Top 20 Coolest Advent Calendars 2023_Bluemercury

17) Nespresso

The Nespresso advent calendar is uniquely presented in a cube-shaped box with gift doors on all four sides, creating a visually striking and interactive packaging. Available in two versions, this design allows coffee enthusiasts to explore a daily selection of surprises as they eagerly await the festive countdown to Christmas.

Top 20 Coolest Advent Calendars 2023_Nespresso

16) Charlotte Tillbury

The Charlotte Tillbury advent calendar boasts an exquisite design with drawers, each adorned with unique-shaped knobs, adding a touch of elegance and mystery to the packaging. This thoughtful detail enhances the anticipation of discovering luxurious beauty treasures hidden within each compartment as the countdown to Christmas unfolds.

Top 20 Coolest Advent Calendars 2023_Charlotte Tillbury

15) MAC Cosmetics

The MAC Cosmetics advent calendar is presented in a meticulously designed exterior box, featuring a captivating triangular prism texture. Upon opening, the packaging unveils an enchanting surprise as a snowflake popup emerges, adding a magical touch that enhances the anticipation and glamour of the holiday season.

Top 20 Coolest Advent Calendars 2023_Mac Collage

14) Williams Sonoma

The Williams Sonoma advent calendar is ingeniously shaped like a Christmas tree, its surface adorned with enchanting illustration patterns, transforming the packaging into a festive and whimsical centerpiece that adds a touch of holiday magic to the countdown to Christmas.

Top 20 Coolest Advent Calendars 2023_Williams Sonoma Collage

13) Altar’d State

The Altar’d State advent calendar is beautifully adorned with festive detailing and sparkling surprises, making its packaging a captivating embodiment of holiday cheer and the perfect introduction to the joyful anticipation of the season.

Top 20 Coolest Advent Calendars 2023_Altard States

12) Fortnum & Mason

The Fortnum & Mason advent calendar is artfully presented in packaging inspired by the world of tea, featuring charming illustrations and warm, inviting colors that pay homage to the brand’s tea heritage, creating a delightful and tasteful anticipation for each day leading up to Christmas.

Top 20 Coolest Advent Calendars 2023_Fortnum & Mason Collage

11) Dr. Sturm

The Dr. Sturm advent calendar is presented in a stunning package adorned with festive illustrations enhanced by silver metallic foil, creating an elegant and radiant visual experience that adds a touch of luxury to the holiday countdown.

Top 20 Coolest Advent Calendars 2023_Dr. Sturm

10) Bobbi Brown

The Bobbi Brown advent calendar comes encased in a delightfully innovative packaging shaped like an oversized ornament, adding a touch of glamour and festivity to the holiday anticipation while promising a beauty-filled countdown to Christmas.

Top 20 Coolest Advent Calendars 2023_Bobbi Brown Collage

9) Rituals

The Rituals advent calendar unfolds into an engaging and interactive 3D structure, inviting you to immerse yourself in the joy of the holiday season as you assemble and build this unique calendar, adding an extra layer of festive excitement to the countdown to Christmas.

Top 20 Coolest Advent Calendars 2023_Rituals

8) Wedgwood

The Wedgwood advent calendar is elegantly adorned with regal motifs and intricate detailing, reminiscent of a Georgian townhouse, evoking a sense of timeless sophistication and capturing the essence of classic architectural elements in its packaging design.

Top 20 Coolest Advent Calendars 2023_Wedgewood Collage

7) Dandelion Chocolate

The Dandelion Chocolate advent calendar is a visual feast, embodying a coast-to-coast celebration of confectionery talent with its meticulously crafted packaging. Each mini gift box not only holds delectable surprises but doubles as a charming ornament, transforming the countdown into a festive display of both taste and holiday cheer.

Top 20 Coolest Advent Calendars 2023_Dandelion Chocolate

6) Payot

The packaging of the Payot advent calendar is a festive masterpiece, utilizing an abundance of florals and greenery to visually capture the essence of the holiday season, creating a botanical tapestry that evokes a sense of joy and celebration with each enchanting reveal.

Top 20 Coolest Advent Calendars 2023_Payot

5) Dior

This magical advent calendar features the facade of the historic boutique at 30 Avenue Montaigne, which opens to reveal a stunning decoration inspired by the Tuileries Garden. Beyond the festivities, the calendar transforms into a stylish storage case, ensuring its utility extends long after the holiday cheer has faded.

Top 20 Coolest Advent Calendars 2023_Dior

4) Diptyque

The Diptyque Advent calendar’s packaging is a visual poetry, using words to weave an enchanting narrative that celebrates the magic of the flame. Each carefully chosen phrase paints a vivid picture, inviting you to unveil small treasures every day and immerse yourself in the delightful journey of discovery.

Top 20 Coolest Advent Calendars 2023_Diptyque

3) Acqua di Parma

Adorned with globally recognized symbols of good luck and fortune, the masterfully crafted box takes center stage in their holiday collection. This advent calendar is a testament to masterful imperfections and handmade excellence. It beckons you to discover the joy of simple gestures converging in an atmosphere brimming with wonder—a true expression of Italian craftsmanship.

Top 20 Coolest Advent Calendars 2023_Acqua di Parma

2) La Maison du Chocolat

Nestled within its exquisite frosted case, this calendar delicately introduces 26 chocolatey delights into the spirited whirlwind of the holiday countdown. Behind each of the 24 windows awaits an avalanche of sweet treats, ensuring an indulgent delight awaits every day. Embrace the enchanting blue & white iciness that graces every inch of this endlessly charming design. This calendar is also thoughtfully eco-designed, crafted from 100% cardboard and fully recyclable.

1) Onyx Coffee Lab

The enchanting packaging of the Onyx Coffee Labs advent calendar transports you to a world reminiscent of a spellbinding Harry Potter book, with its ornate detailing, intricate patterning, and aged parchment aesthetic. Each coffee revelation feels like a magical discovery as you unravel the carefully crafted accordion-styled box, enhancing the anticipation and charm of the holiday season.

Top 20 Coolest Advent Calendars 2023_Onyx Coffee Lab

As we bid farewell to the unveiling of the top 20 coolest advent calendars of 2023, it’s evident that this year’s selection has transcended the ordinary, offering a delightful spectrum of surprises for every taste and inclination. From the enchanting to the indulgent, these calendars have not only redefined the holiday countdown but also elevated it to an art form.

As the festive season unfolds, may the daily discoveries within these thoughtfully curated calendars spark joy, warmth, and a renewed sense of wonder. Whether you’re a beauty enthusiast, a chocolate connoisseur, or a lover of all things whimsical, the 2023 advent calendars have set the stage for a December to remember.

Happy counting!


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