Packaging Design Trends : 2022

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January 1st, 2022

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We can give you a long dissertation on why trend forecasting is important and fill it with lots of SEO-worthy words, but you don’t have time to read all of that and we don’t have time to write it.

So let’s get to it.

Here is what you can expect to see in 2022.

1. Nostalgic Anime Collaborations

loewe custom anime packaging studio ghilbi sustainable luxury retail shopping bag

Expect to see more collabs that bring together our fascination with youth culture. Our youth, our culture. This Studio Ghibli x Loewe collaboration gives life to My Neighbor Totoro in the fast paced world of luxury fashion. Introducing the Loewe brand to millennials and gen-Xers as well as introducing these characters from our youth to older audiences.

With Netflix’s reboot of Cowboy Bebop there are definite breadcrumbs allowing us to bet big on nostalgic anime collabs for 2022.

2. Bold Graphics & Color

sustainable retail packaging Marc Jacobs luxury shopping bags

This trend straddles sustainability and story telling. The ink-free custom dyed papers and bold 1 color artwork increase the use of quality recycled materials, eliminate the need for inks and printing, while connecting to the brand’s show stopping repeat pattern collection.

The sister-trend to this is the minimal exterior design to contrast the explosive graphics inside. Let your wild side shine a little with a bold interior print or tissue. If you want to get really crazy, add a woven paper handle to make this entire look completely recyclable.

3. On the Chain

Alexander McQueen sustainable packaging tag retail shopping blockchain

This trend is a little less noticeable to consumers but it’ll be making a big splash in 2022. Products on the blockchain like last year’s MCQ from Alexander McQueen allow consumers to check the authenticity of a product by checking the chain… The blockchain.

How will this trend impact design? Not too much, but it’ll matter to supply chain and logistics as it reduces paperwork and streamlines many currently buggy processes.

4. Material Honesty

sustainable recycled FSC certified factory direct packaging manufacturer

Knowing what’s in your materials is as critical as selecting the right accessories to wear to a dinner party. Brands are now more informed about their FSC certified recycled paper than they are about the number of followers they have on Instagram. Knowing what’s in your paper isn’t enough, in 2022 consumer education will be big. When you consider Truth in Labeling laws in California and what they will mean for consumers, it’s time to get familiar with your materials and have an honest conversation with consumers.

Learn about Truth in Labeling laws here.

5. Flex Your Certifications

sustainable recycled FSC certified factory direct packaging manufacturer

2022 is the year we’ll start seeing brands not only flexing their certifications from FSC, GRS, V-Legal, Sedex, and many more. It’s the time to start educating consumers on what they actually mean. If consumers don’t know what they’re buying, they’re being left out of the conversation.

Consumer play a massive role in sustainability as our lat mile to get products to their proper waste streams, either by curbside recycling, composting, or reusing.

We believe consumers are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way.

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