Sustainable Packaging: Unboxing the Brand at FuturePrint

Production Director

November 17th, 2021

3 Minutes

With COP26 still fresh on our minds, we know it’s time to make the decisions that will establish your brands for the future. 

Elayne Cousins shared “Unboxing the Brand” and the choices required from sustainable luxury packaging at the Future Print & Pack conference. Speaking to a room of designers, manufacturers, and brand owners, Elayne covered the four main bullet points every brand must consider now.

FuturePrint Elayne Cousins sustainable packaging custom recycled
  • Packaging is a small opportunity for brands to connect with consumers and share their vision of sustainability. As more and more global regulations are approved, time is running out for brands not yet considering a sustainable packaging plan of action.
  • Tomorrow’s brands are aiming beyond recycling and plastic-free. Their packaging aims to deliver a net positive benefit for the planet while still delivering a memorable user experience. 
  • How brands can think beyond recycling. Working with partners that also support local communities and allow them to thrive.
  • Brands can take a stand and demand sustainable packaging and educate their consumers on the virtues of sustainability. 

Whether a start-up or well established heritage brand, it is time for brands to look beyond price and timelines. Packaging has the power to add value and create one of the only real opportunities to connect directly with your consumers. Consumer interaction with brands on phones is fleeting, online orders are quickly forgotten, but the anticipation created by a well design pack speaks directly to your consumer.

Here are three things you can do today to improve the ability of your packaging to communicate with consumers:

  1. Explain how to recycle, reuse, or return your packaging clearly. Consumers don’t know unless you tell them, so tell them.
  2. Stop combining inseparable materials. Anytime you add a plastic laminate to paper you have been successful at failing. That material is no longer recyclable. It may be downcycled, incinerated, but it won’t be returning into the loop. Keep your materials pure.
  3. Don’t be a waste of space. Packaging that is too large for your products uses extra material and takes up more space in transit and warehousing. Make sure to have an expert team review your product size and packaging fit. 

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