2022 Advent Calendar Packaging – What You Need To Know

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December 1st, 2022

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2022 Advent calendar packaging will increase media impressions and sales just in time for the holiday shopping season.

But do you know how to design an advent calendar that’s truly media worthy?

There are 3 main components every advent calendar needs to be successful.

Advent Calendars Increase Perceived Value.

luxury Tiffany & co custom holiday packaging

Every 2022 advent calendar packaging has to create the look and feel of getting more in return for being patient and opening one thing each day.

Tiffany & Company created this feeling for their $122,000.00 advent calendar by making their advent calendar a keepsake display piece. Made from laquered wood with silver hardware they package each item in a ribboned gift box to add to the unboxing experience.

If this box was paper board with trinkets simply behind each door, the perceived value would plummet.

Well Timed Unboxing

holiday luxury cosmetic packaging custom retail packaging

By designing timing into advent calendars you control the emotions of the gift recipient by increasing their level of anticipation and delivering a climactic reveal.

By having the double doors, this advent calendar requires consumers to follow a predetermined pattern before they are rewarded with their gift. The number of steps in an unboxing should align with the value of the product within.

Produced for Longevity

Most packaging serve their purpose and are either put away for future use or recycled when applicable. Advent calendars must be made to last and be displayed as many will live as decor for several weeks while each item is unwrapped.

Therefore all advent calendars must be manufactured to withstand hundreds of openings without cracking, tearing, or scuffing.

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*Note Full disclosure: The team at IDP Direct did not produce any of the 2022 advent calendar packaging shown in this article. Our advent calendars are under contract.

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