Eve Lom

Eve Lom

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Our high end packaging collaboration with EVE LOM is a testament to our belief in simplicity. The skincare product packaging we crafted are clear in purpose: gold foil stamped logos paired with embossed floral patterns, achieve elegance through minimalism.

Traditional PET trays, while common, do not align with the ethos of environmentally-conscious brands. Recognizing this, our patented insert designs for EVE LOM not only resonate with the brand’s high end packaging aesthetic but also fold flat, providing efficiency in storage and assembly during fulfillment.

Luxury cosmetic packaging-Eve-Lom-Packaging-Design-Gold Emboss All over pattern

Produced in Indonesia, EVE LOM’s packaging wasn’t about manufacturing; it was about understanding. We worked closely with their team, guiding material choices and streamlining processes, always aligning with a budget, always seeking perfection.

In the realm of high-end packaging, it’s not about being loud; it’s about being right. True luxury packaging doesn’t shout; it whispers. 

Skin Care Luxury Packaging Eve-Lom-Packaging-Design-Gold Foil Inserts Cosmetic packaging

Every brand has a story, and with the right packaging, that story becomes an experience. With IDP Direct, it’s not about the box; it’s about what the box stands for. Simple. Brilliant. Timeless.

Eco-friendly elegant Eve-Lom-Packaging-Design rigid box Gold pattern emboss sustainable

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