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Between the custom shipping boxes and custom paper bags created for Walpole by IDP Direct it’s hard to choose a winner. Both change the game for luxury packaging.

Meticulously crafted and expertly engineered, this shipping box sets the standard for truly sustainable luxury packaging. Diving deeper into its creation, the board’s unique corrugation made at IDP Direct employs 3 layers of bespoke James Cropper Paper, innovatively sourced from recycled coffee cups. The packaging eschews inks and glues, relying on intricate multi-level embossing techniques perfected at IDP Direct. 

Luxury-Packaging-Design-Walpole  custom emboss pattern black packaging monochrome horoscope

The result? An unparalleled textured aesthetic, blending both eco-integrity and tactile luxury. It’s been heralded as the epitome of packaging that doesn’t just look good, but feels right.

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Walpole-Luxury-Box- Sustainable Gold Foil Recyclable packaging

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