Retail Packaging Supplies: 7 items to Craft the Perfect Shopping Experience

Packaging Director

November 20th, 2023

5 Minutes

In the ever-evolving world of retail, packaging supplies are not just mere containers; they are an integral part of the brand experience. Let’s unwrap the essentials of retail packaging supplies and discover how they can transform your products from ordinary to extraordinary.

1) Retail Paper Bags

From bustling down market stores to the tranquil aisles of high-end retailers, retail paper bags are the unsung heroes. Automated bags with twisted paper handles offer an economical solution for budget-conscious stores. On the flip side, luxury retailers often opt for fabric or ribbon-handled bags, meticulously handmade to exude exclusivity. It’s not just a bag; it’s the first touchpoint of your brand with the customer.

retail packaging supplies_paper bag_gant

2) Gift Boxes

Gift boxes are like the chameleons of the packaging world, adaptable and versatile. They range from simple donut box styles to sophisticated rigid paper-wrapped boxes often seen in apparel stores. The innovation doesn’t stop there; at IDP Direct, we’ve said goodbye to magnets and hello to paper tab closures, achieving the same premium feel with a fully recyclable design. It’s about sustainable luxury.

Prada Packaging Plasticfree Sustainable Packaging

3) Tissue Paper

The art of presentation lies in tissue paper. It’s about creating anticipation and a layered reveal, elevating a simple product to a luxury experience. While grocery items may skip this step, imagine wrapping a delicate piece of glassware – the tissue paper not only protects but also enhances the value perceived by the consumer.

retail packaging supplies_tissue paper_marc jacobs

4) Labels

Often an afterthought, labels are fundamental in retail packaging. They serve various roles – sealing tissue, closing bags, attaching prices, or labeling products. A well-designed label can be a subtle yet powerful brand ambassador.

retail packaging supplies_label sticker_armani exchange

5) Gift Card Carriers

Gift cards should be presented as proudly as the products they represent. If your average gift card value is $150, shouldn’t the packaging reflect that worth? Thoughtful design in gift card carriers can elevate the perceived value, making the gift feel as special as any other purchase.

retail packaging supplies_gift card carrier_space nk

6) Ribbon

Ribbons are the final flourish, the cherry on top. Whether tying around tissue-wrapped garments or adding a decorative touch to gift boxes, ribbons play a crucial role. Yet, sustainability calls for careful material selection, as most ribbons aren’t recyclable.

retail packaging supplies_ribbon_alexander mcqueen

7) Reusable Totes

In the era of sustainability, reusable totes are more than just bags; they’re a statement. They encourage repeat visits and foster brand loyalty. However, the focus should be on reducing material use overall, not just substituting one type for another.

retail packaging supplies_resuable totes_emporio armani

In the dance of retail, every element of packaging plays a critical role in composing the overall experience. At IDP Direct, we understand this intricate ballet and are dedicated to helping you choreograph the perfect unboxing experience. 

Now, we turn the spotlight to you: What are your favorite examples of retail packaging supplies? Which ones do you find yourself reordering most frequently? Share your experiences and join the conversation about sustainable, impactful packaging solutions.

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