Unveiling the Future of Packaging: A Recap of the Pentawards Festival in London

Creative Director

November 10th, 2023

4 Minutes

Last night, London was abuzz with the PENTAWARDS Festival, a one-day festival celebrating the art of #packaging design. It was a convergence of minds where diversity, innovation, and creativity took center stage.

Pentawards festival packaging
Getting a look behind the Diary of a CEO with Steven Bartlett and his film crew at Pentawards

Steven Bartlett’s Keynote: The Power of Purpose

The day kicked off with Steven Bartlett , host of ‘Diary of a CEO’, emphasizing the importance of purpose in building teams, companies, and unicorns. His message was clear: without purpose, burnout looms large.

Pentawards festival packaging Hanna Kops
Hanna Kops, if you’re not following her on linkedIn do yourself a favor and start today!

Hanna Kops: Designing for All

Hanna Kops challenged us to think inclusively, merging design with data and innovation, bringing everyone to the table.

Pentawards festival packaging Stefan Sagaeister
Stefan Sagmeister and the beauty of data, but we get a behind the scenes with the master himself.

Stefan Sagmeister: The Yin and Yang of Design Fame

In a compelling pre-speech conversation with Stefan Sagmeister, we explored the dualities of being a design celebrity – the choice between the shadow and the spotlight, and the pressures that accompany true fame.

Pentawards festival packaging Jeremy White
Jeremy White shows Ai firm tracking number of cars in shopping malls to forecast stock prices of retail brands

AI in Design: A Core Theme

Jeremy White further delved into AI’s growing role in design. From data-driven brand building to putting the AI in customer service, the discussions showcased AI’s burgeoning influence.

Pentawards festival packaging Sarah Masters
“I don’t think we have the right to say, ‘no, let’s not make it accessible’.” – Sarah Masters

Unilever: Redefining Accessible Design

Unilever , in collaboration with Zappar, revealed their mission to make products like Persil accessible to all, including those with sight loss, through innovative AR and QR technologies. Definitely check this out and determine if it’s right for your brand, but if it makes your product accessible to millions, how could it not be? Great session by Mario Dughi & Sarah Masters !

Pentawards festival packaging Suzy Shelley
Suzy Shelley at Pentawards Festival – small wins in Sustainable Packaging = big change.

Pearlfisher’s Suzy Shelley: Sustainable Evolution

Suzy Shelley from Pearlfisher advocated for a gradual, yet impactful, approach to sustainable packaging. Her inspiring message: small daily improvements can lead to monumental change over time.

Pentawards festival packaging Craig Black
Craig Black at Pentawards Packaging Festival in London

Craig Black’s Artistry: Celebrating Human Craft

Amidst AI conversations, artist Craig Black‘s live painting demonstrated the irreplaceable value of human artistry and craft in an increasingly digital world.

Pentawards festival packaging Kris Keiller
It’s business unusual at Patagonia with this tearjerking talk from Kris Keller at Pentawards Packaging Festival

Kris Keiller from Patagonia: A Heartfelt Narrative

The day’s highlight was Kris Keiller’s moving talk about Patagonia’s commitment to the planet. His poignant narrative reminded us that in sustainability, there’s always more to achieve.

Pentawards festival packaging insider
A whirlwind event of inspiration and design realigning the industry to focus on the good we can all do.

Final Thoughts

As we reflect on the festival, it’s clear that the future of packaging is bright, diverse, and deeply connected to sustainability and human-centric design. It’s a future where AI complements, but never replaces, the human touch.

Thank you for joining us in this journey of discovery and innovation.

Warm regards,

Evelio Mattos

IDP Direct, Designing for Absence and ending wasteful packaging.

P.S. Keep pushing the boundaries of sustainable and inclusive packaging design. Remember, every small step counts!

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