Sustainable Packaging: Unboxing the Brand at FuturePrint

With COP26 still fresh on our minds, we know it’s time to make the decisions that will establish your brands for the future. 

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How to Label Sustainable Packaging

Brands are seeking new ways to communicate how they are making more sustainable choices. IDP launched a new website to share how we're helping brands like yours become more…

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The Future of Sustainable Packaging Wins Silver at Pentawards

IDP Direct's Future of Sustainable Packaging was developed and designed for Walpole UK's annual yearbook that is sent to to every fashion house in London.

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Sustainable Packaging Questions to Ask That Can Save You Money

What is luxury? What is sustainable packaging? How can we save money?

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Replace Your Poly Mailers With This.

What are the alternatives to cheap non-recyclable poly mailers?

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GANT’s Emotional & Sustainable Luxury Retail Packaging

GANT's vision of bold authenticity as envisaged by Pond Design was hand crafted and produced by Intl. Direct Packaging (IDP).

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Sustainable Packaging Design, Is this the Future of Luxury Packaging?

"Sustainable Packaging Design" is the buzzword of 2020, at least when it comes to packaging.

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